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"Permanent, yet transferable, sun protection for helmets."

Helmets which have an internal or external "drop down" sun shade make up 72% of the industry BUT they don't have the needed UV properties. This still leaves 100% in need of an aftermarket sun visor. Ever wonder why helmets with internal drop down visors are NOT Snell approved? And they are dangerous when entering tunnels while trying to find the lever to raise the tint.

The transferable Helmet Sunblocker fits the bill nicely and everybody loves the 100% UV protection which inferior imitations cannot claim. Plus, most riders use it in conjunction with their drop-down shade, as well, for the ULTIMATE sun glare protection. It even works with Pinlock systems! The Helmet Sunblocker is an absolute "must have" for serious riders! The moment you close your visor, your eyes become instantly relaxed.

Originally developed for aviation, the Helmet Sunblocker is a laser cut plasticized, polymer film which installs on the INSIDE of your visor, quickly and easily, by using dish soap and water, which eliminates dry surface tension much like the way contact lens adheres to the pupils - unlike the static cling types. It remains in place as long as you choose to keep it there, yet can be transferred to other helmets, if needed.

This transparent polymer film lets in light, but not the glare. Installs above your line of sight, thus keeping your eyes in the shade, ALL the time. It does not interfere with night vision or riding through tunnels, so there is never a need to remove it. The Helmet Sunblocker stays in place permanently, so It's always there when you need it and never in the way when you don't.

The Helmet Sunblocker casts a shadow over your eyes and face, keeping your face in the shade all the time. And it keeps your helmet much cooler on hot days! No more riding with one hand blocking the sun's glare. No more squinting. No more sunglasses. No more sunburned faces. At the end of the day, your eyes are as relaxed as when you first started. You will appreciate the Helmet Sunblocker every time you put on your helmet.

Two versions available, Universal and for Arai. .....Watch the quick installation video - sorry, no sound.

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(Has slots for Arai helmets with vents)
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